International Team

Founder &Executive director:Chen Dongyang, who studied in Tsinghua University EMBA, has 14 years’ entrepreneurial experience and two pioneering experience. Chen used to be an assistant of the general manager of the listed company and executive director of photoelectric enterprise. Chen has spent long time in LED research, development, marketing and management.
Independent director&technical adviser:Liu Xuanzhong,graduated from the Department of Technical Physics of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, is a master of integrated circuit, Hong Kong Polytech University, Ph.D., Professor of power electronicsof Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Hong Kong Polytech University.He served as senior director of American Emerson company responsible for marketing, research and development for 14 years, and used to be a consultant of Singapore SMT, Baowei America, an Tianbao Hongkong, and vice president of Tianbao .Now Liu is the advisory of experts committee of Chinese Power Association.

Shareholder & International Technical Director: Shawn Flusk Mr. Flusk studied Electronic Engineering at WITS University in Johannesburg, South Africa.From 2000 to 2013, worked for a very prominent international instrumentation company. He held the position of Technical Manager and focused on the development, industrialization and implementation of safety solutions for mining that included Access Control, Personnel and Asset Tracking and Management, Collision Avoidance Systems, Gas Detection and Interlocking Systems as well as Underground Communication Systems. From 2013 to date he holds the position of Technical Director for ExSens Technology which is a partner company of Win3. He also has vast experience in international product approvals to comply with Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) and Explosion Proof (Exd) standards.
Shareholders&domestic technical director: DEKO LIU, graduated from the major of electronics and electricalof Shanghai Jiaotong University.Deko has 16 years’ experience of electronic technology research and development and design, expertise in design of hardware of mine intelligent and security system.

Shareholder & Chief Comercial officer CCO South America : Monica Montenegro Bart. Professional Degree of english -french translatror and interpreter, Diploma in Business Administration. She has extensive experience in market development and sales for lighting products the in mining industry. She also formerly held the position of Commercial Manager for NLT in South America and achieved remarkable results in the field of marketing,running mining safety products since 2004.
Chief representative in Australia TONY FARRUGIA, graduated from the major aviation engineering design and the major financial management of University of Queensland,Tony is a member of the Queensland Security Council, and has long served as an international after-sale service director to the world's first brand of mine safety capsule 
Executive & domestic sales director: Motor, graduated from the major finance and marketing of Jilin University. Motor has long been engaged in LED market and sales, and was a former marketing director of a well-known photoelectric listed company responsible for the sales in southern China district. Motor is skilled at developing potential customers and maintaining customer relationship.
Shareholders& vice executive president: Cai Hanpei.Cai has many years’ entrepreneurial experience. Cai has long-term engaged in product design and research and development and marketing,and has rich business development experience. Currently Cai is in charge of LED marketing,installation, maintenance and management.
Director: Fang Yanfei, the partner of ALL-PKU Management Consultants Group, who is a senior economist that obtained the certificate of International Personnel Management Association.He has more than 10 years’ business management experience and management consulting experience. Fang specializes in the field of strategic performance management and business model innovation and human resource management etc.
Chief Representative of New Zealand: Thomas Tang,a New Zealand citizen, was originally from Beijing,China. His over two decade living in New Zealand has made him familiar with business operations and marketing mechanism in New Zealand. He is rich in his experiences in customer services due to his years' involvement in local retail business and real eatate sales.
We are happy to have Thomas on our team and firmly believe that his customer orientated working attitude and rich knowledge about both China and New Zealand coupled with his Chinese and English bilingual skills will offer you quality services second to none!
In addition to the above backbone, Win3 has a core team with the values of thankful and honestand united and innovative and sharing.They are our precious wealth with loyal and integral to the enterprise and customer. They cover the whole producing process from design, production, to quality control, sales, and after-sales service. And we promise to fully implement the IECEX(ia), ATEX(ia), ISO9001:2008, MA, DME and other international standard system.