The world's leading energy storage technology

Our Win3-K5-D miner's lamp is the world's leading recycling cycle, is the world's only cycle of a cycle of more than 1,200 intelligent safety LED miner's lamp, more than twice the international counterparts (500 times).

Our Win3-K5-D miner's lamp single charge continuous lighting time is far ahead of the world, is the world's only a single rechargeable continuous lighting time up to 35 hours of intelligent security LED miner's lamp, is the second international peer 1.7 Times.

Security system is the world's leading smart chip compatible technology,The Win3 cap lamp features a dedicated compartment for the fitment of third party devices that form part of safety systems that include tagging, tracking, communication, collision avoidance and gas detection. The smart chip technology that is used in all Win3 cap lamps have been extensively tested and integrated with most of the major brands of safety systems, and have proven to be fully compatible without any signs of electromagnetic interference.

Safety technology design and experimentation

Design of test technology: safety test test design, the key components of the experimental design, safety key components Experimental example: lithium-ion battery safety test